About the International Music Education Summit

The International Music Education Summit stemmed from a group of school music teachers who could neither afford the registration expenses associated with attending their state or national conferences, let alone the travel and time off it would cost as well.

The thought is: there must be a better way to learn great information to help us in our teaching careers without all of the cost of time and travel to attend a traditional conference!

Enter, the online classroom! By hosting a conference [or summit, if you will] entirely online, attendees and presenters can connect from anywhere in the world with a robust internet connection!

By hosting it online the operating expenses are relatively low and conference registration fees can reflect that.

Our goal is to host the ultimate 3-day professional development experience for music educators around the world.

By offering virtual goody bags, presentations from summit sponsors, live sessions and chat rooms, as well as archived footage of sessions, we will be offering many of the same incentives and benefits of attending a live conference, but with the ability to attend in your pajamas from anywhere in the world, and even to virtually attend sessions that have already happened!

For sponsors this offers a unique opportunity to connect with 100% of the attending audience via email and digital communications, and for presenters we hope to offer a small monetary honorarium for putting in all of the time and effort to provide education to music teachers who need exactly what you’re teaching.

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